The Car



Alpine Motor Sports FIA Formula 3 car

A purely built for racing vehicle, the Alpine Motor Sports FIA Formula 3 car is built to a strict set of rules designed by the international motorsports governing body, the FIA.

The purpose of the Formula is to serve as an ideal training car to teach drivers the skills required to drive in Formula 1 racing.

As a result the car features most of the key attributes of a Formula 1 car, wings, slick tyres, and high performance, but combined with a strictly controlled set of rules aimed at cost containment.

The Australian Formula 3 Premier Series further controls the cost by allowing only superseeded cars up to 2011 to compete, which reduces the running costs of the vehicle 1000-fold when compared with running a leading car in Formula 1.

Even with those cost controls, and lower top speed because of the small, production based 2-litre engine, the lap times are still faster than most racing cars in Australia. At Bathurst they record faster laptimes than a V8 Supercar despite engine being only 40% of the size, and at Phillip Island the lap times easily defeat a MotoGP motorcycle.

Chassis: Dallara F307
Engine: Mercedes M271 Australian Control Engine
Wheels: 13 inch
Dry Tyre: Kumho Ecsta S700 – Front 200/550R13, Rear 240/570R13
Rain Tyre: Kumho Ecsta W700 – Front 180/550R13, Rear 240/570R13
Fuel: Elf LMS Racing Fuel 102 Octane. 45 Litres Capacity.
Weight: 540kg including driver
Width: 1.83m
Length: 4.19m
Wheelbase: 2.71m
Front Track: 1.58m
Rear Track: 1.47m
Front Suspension: Pushrod mono damper system
Rear Suspension: Pushrod twin damper system
Gearbox: Hewland, sequential, six forward gears plus reverse
Dampers: Koni 2812 bump and rebound adjustable
Fuel Cell: Premier FT3
0-100kph: 3 seconds
Top Speed: 260kph
Lap Time:
Bathurst 2:02
Phillip Island 1:24
Winton 1:14