The Team

Motor Sport is a team sport. While our spectators and TV viewers only see a helmet, not only is there a driver under that helmet, but there’s also a team behind that driver getting the best performance out of the car.


Driver – Tim Macrow

One of the most familiar names in Australian domestic open-wheel racing, Macrow brings his two-time F3 championship winning experience to Alpine Motor Sports.

With a race record that has an over 25% win rate, and an experience at winning F3 races even when the circumstances don’t suit, he is regarded by the paddock as the benchmark against which any developing driver in the category is measured.

2007, 2013 Australian F3 Champion
2nd 2006, 2009 Australian F32nd 2004 Australian Formula Ford


Team Principal/Chief Engineer – Dennie Rumble

Having spent his up bring around open wheel race cars and competing in karting at a high level, Dennie has spent over a decade competing in various National categories prior to stepping up to drive in Australia’s best category – Formula 3.

A third place finish in the Cup Class followed with a graduation to National Class in 2015 with another third place, before switching roles to Team Management and taking on the professional teams in the Premier class.

tarlingtonNathan Tarlington – Senior Engineer/Data Acquisition

Having learned his race craft with the University of Wollongong Formula SAE team, he has been with Alpine Motor Sports from its formation. Learning the required engineering skills through all F3 classes with Alpine, he is now assisting the team in achieving our ultimate goal in Australia’s fastest formula.

Sally Reynolds – Aerodynamics/Engineer
Ed Costigan – Suspension/Engineer
Richard Elliott – Suspension/Data Engineer
John Woodward – Car Preparation/Mechanical
Glen Wallace –   Car preparation/Safety
Shane Murray – Electrical/Instrument Tech
Robert Rumble – Fabrication/Design